Platinum Package

The only anti tool theft app endorsed by police.

BSI Kitemark

What is included?

Over 100 tools

price on application

Our Platinum Package is tailored to your specific requirements and can provide protection for your tools no matter how many your company has. Contact us for pricing.

This package is perfect for large corporations who have a high number of hand tools and power tools in use across the country.

How does the app work?

Sign Up to Tool Watch
Input your tool serial numbers & register your tools manually or using our bulk upload system
Upload photographs of your tools
Mark your tools as stolen if a theft occurs
Our app will update the status of your tools to stolen. Report the theft to the local police force
If your tools are recovered, Police will verify your ownership using your Tool Watch details and return your tools to you.

How Could Tool Theft Affect You?

Over 34% of tool thefts occur on construction sites, and 1 in 3 thefts are directly from work vans.

With Tool Watch App you can help to safeguard your tools against theft and greatly increase your chances of recovering your stolen tools. Not only will our app assist the police in recovering your tools in the event of a theft, but it can also support with reports for insurance claims through providing proof of ownership. Increased chances of stolen tools being returned to their rightful owners

1 in 3 of thefts are from work vans (

How Does It Work?

Tool Watch App is simple to use and involves only 3 easy steps from signing up to reporting a theft.

For more detail on how to use our app visit our How it Works page.


Step 1: Sign Up

Register today and sign up for
Tool Watch App.


Step 2: Register Your Tools

Register your tools to your account. Input your tool serial numbers and make, and add photographs of the tools.


Step 3: Report a Theft

In the event of a theft, simply mark the relevant tools as stolen and report the theft to the local police force.

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