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BSI Kitemark

You won’t find Tool Watch App on iTunes or Google as we are completely web based. This means we can provide a secure platform for any police force to search. It also means that you can access your profile from any device be it mobile, PC or tablet making it easier to compile an inventory and report thefts.

Tools are recovered daily by all police forces. However, to recover tools and secure a successful prosecution you must be able to prove they are stolen. Police officers Tool Watch App have spoken to all say they know they have found stolen tools and yet they cannot prove it. The old adage 'bought it off a fella in a pub officer' is a blatant lie but it cannot be disproved without strong evidence. The police have warehouses full of stolen tools but cannot return them to their owners because they are untraceable as tools are not registered.

Did you know that there are 43 separate police forces in the UK and they are all separate entities? This means that for this level of crime, where there is little or no evidence, there is no central database for crimes. An officer in Manchester may recover stolen tools but they will have been stolen from anywhere in the country. That officer cannot possibly know where - it would require contacting 42 other forces directly as they cannot search a different forces' crime reports.

Tool theft is a serious organised gang activity. Tools are stolen in one county and within minutes will be over county lines and in some cases out of the country within days. The networks across the country are finely orchestrated and as tools are untraceable, this is an extremely lucrative industry. To stop the trade in stolen tools, tools need to be identifiable and that means registering with Tool Watch App. Tool Watch App is BSI kitemarked and is the only app that has is an SBD police preferred supplier. It is a respected and effective crime deterrent available to all forces across the UK.

We all know where stolen tools are sold, selling websites, car boot sales but how can you prove tools are stolen? Tool Watch App gives all forces the ability to immediately check a serial number to check ownership regardless of where it was stolen from and which force it was reported to. This is the first time that this information has been securely collated and available to all forces. This information is imperative for the police to then have the power to seize the tools and make a secure arrest. It also gives you as a Tool Watch member the ability to check a tool before you buy.

Tool insurance is essential for all businesses and in the unfortunate event of a theft even more vital. However, have you checked that your tools are covered between certain hours. What if you’re removing tools and the van is open for merely a few minutes and a theft occurs. Will you be covered? How long will you have to wait for your insurance to pay out? Will your tool insurance cover the damage to locks or your van? What happens if you are without a vehicle or a van for a week or two – how much money will that cost you in lost work? Tool Watch App works as a deterrent. If your tools are registered, then they are harder to sell on and less attractive to would be thieves.

It takes a matter of minutes to set up a profile. Take a photo of your tool and input the serial number and that’s it. You can add as many photos of the tool and any distinguishing features as you like, you can even upload a copy of the receipt. The more information you put on, the more evidence the police have. It means that if you have to report a theft all the relevant information for that stolen tool is at the touch of a button for both the police and your insurance company. No trawling through paperwork or old files, everything you need for quick and easy reporting is there for you. It's minimum time well spent.

If it doesn’t happen to you then you are one of the very lucky ones and long may that luck continue! Figures produced by the Federation of Master Builders in October 2019 state that 83% of builders have been the victim of tool theft https://www.fmb.org.uk/about-the-fmb/newsroom/tool-theft-affects-8-in-10-builders/. The stats speak for themselves. From our talks with police forces, sadly if you have been targeted the likelihood is you will be targeted again as thieves know you have to replace your tools in order to work. It’s a vicious circle and the only way to break this circle is to register and make your tools traceable.

Perhaps not but the thief will only realise that AFTER they have broken into your van and caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage. All tools, regardless of what you have paid for them, are a valuable commodity and is it really worth taking the risk of your vehicle being damaged and your van insurance increasing for the sake of cheap drill?

Reporting a theft and providing serial numbers is essential. However, reporting a theft to your local police force will mean that information is only available to your local force. TW allows you to record the serial number, take pictures of the tool with any distinguishing features, report a theft and that information is available to ALL police forces throughout the country.

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