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In 2017, one of our team members became a victim of tool theft, with £8,000 worth of tools stolen. As they were unable to prove which van the tools were in, the insurance company were not interested in paying out; a scenario that unfortunately so many tradesmen find themselves in.

With productivity and business declining rapidly due to the loss of these tools, their only option was to gradually replace the tools out of their own pocket.

To date, it is still unknown if these tools have ever been recovered. If they have been found, there is no way of them being returned to their rightful owner.

With a work van being broken into every 23 minutes (bbc.co.uk), tradesmen are being stuck in scenarios such as these across the UK every day. It is extremely difficult to return any recovered tools to their legitimate owner, which is not only frustrating for the owner of the stolen tools, but it’s also frustrating for the police who have no means of identifying the owner of the tools when they’re found. That is until now…

With the challenges that both tradesmen and police forces face in mind, we developed Tool Watch App. Tool Watch App is a police affiliated, user-friendly website application designed to tackle the problems surrounding tool theft.

Our Objectives

  • To combat the epidemic of tool theft
  • To return stolen tools to their rightful owners
  • To free up police time spent identifying the owners of stolen tools

Our vision is to support tradesmen & organisations to recover from tool theft with minimum financial loss and make the reporting of theft and claiming against insurance policies as simple as possible.

Whether you have 5 tools or 5000 tools, by recording your serial numbers in our database you have a much greater chance of having your tools returned.

We work closely with police forces throughout the UK and are the only app to be fully accredited by both Secured by Design and BSI. By providing the app free of charge to police forces across the UK, Tool Watch App are able to support in the recovery of stolen tools.

Upon recovering a stolen tool a member of the local police force will input the tools serial number within the app. If the tool is registered within our database, it will provide the police with the owner’s details, and you will get an automatic email from Tool Watch informing you of where your tool was recovered and who to contact, allowing for the tool to be returned swiftly.

Up until now this has not been possible in the UK.

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